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129. Phanie Traditional Falaka

Phanie surrenders her feet to receive a hard bastinado in a traditional falaka position! She tries to keep a joyful attitude, but the whipping is too hard! - Check here to know about the free complete version of this video for our most loyal fans!

FullHD - 40 min video - $36.99 USD - Clips4Sale EXCLUSIVE

124. Stoic Taylor First Foot Roasting

Taylor endures her first actual foot roasting torture, since in the first session with her she called off the shot because of the tickling part; here is just foot roasting; Taylor shows a great disgust with her being tortured and filmed.

FullHD - 43 min video - $26.39 USD - 40% OFF WITH CRYPTO!

120. Marinette in Foot Torture Predicament

Vicky cosplays as animated super heroine. Foot roasting torture treatment is applied to her beautiful soles. This is the first time we apply foot roasting in a seated position with the grill directly under the model's feet!

4K - 37 min video - $22.79 USD - 40% OFF WITH CRYPTO!

119. Fire torture + Feet tickling + orgasm

Anais is subjected to multiple sensations of pain, pleasure and discomfort. Her feet are tortured with fire and then tickling, all while having a vibrator over her crotch. She is tortured, tickled and stimulated until she reaches orgasm!

4K - 40 min video - $36.00 USD - -SPECIAL CRYPTO EDITION-

A0. Victoria Sadomasochist Training

Victoria is given pleasure with a vibrator, while simultaneously she has her feet tortured with fire, thus forcing her to become a real masochist!

FullHD - 60 min video - $45.00 USD - CRYPTO EXCLUSIVE-

116. 3 in 1 for 2

Alexandra and Phanie undergo 3 different punishments side by side, one next to the other, in this super long session. Tickling (Nyloned), bastinado, roasting (nylon and bare) and tickling (bare) all over again!

4K - 60 min video - $25.50 USD - 40% OFF WITH CRYPTO!

115. Phanie wanted to have her feet roasted

Phanie told me her first bastinado session was not as hard as she expected; she wanted to take harsher tortures on her feet, and was very curious and excited about foot roasting!

FullHD - 50 min video - $28.50 USD - SAVE UP TO 40% PAYING WITH CRYPTO!

94. Strip Foot Roasting

Anais must choose between having her feet fried or relinquish all her clothing and end up completely naked. Electric grills are put in front of her soles; every time she needs a break from the torture she has to give up one of her clothes.

FullHD - 40 min video - $24.60 USD - SAVE 40% PAYING WITH CRYPTO!

89. Anais foot burning in the stocks

Anais feet are locked in the foot stocks and cans filled with burning alcohol are put directly below her long beautiful feet. She is also mouth gagged, so she doesn't scream too loud while being tortured!

FullHD - 37 min video - $22.79 USD - 40% OFF WITH CRYPTO!

87. Anais Classic Foot Burning

Anais' naked feet dangle dangerously close over an open fire. Will she choose to surrender her feet to the flames? or will she take advantage of not being completely restrained and try to make her soles escape from the fire?

FullHD - 40 min video - $19.79 USD - 40% OFF WITH CRYPTO!

73. Feet Girl

Victoria's feet are burned using our special firebending torture technique. For the first time ever we implement the victim's POV camera, so you can live the session taking Victoria's place, and see all the action from her own point of view!

FullHD - 45 min video - $27.59 USD - 40% OFF WITH CRYPTO!