Feet Girl

Video length:
45 minutes
Video quality:
FullHD 1920x1080
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27.59 USD
Original Release Date:
25 Apr 2020
Date added:
30 Dec 2022

I consider Feet Girl one of our most creative productions ever.

Feet Girl is Victoria's Firebending torture. Victoria's beautiful feet and soles deserve this ordeal more than any of our other models.

But there is a twist: in Feet Girl, YOU can take the place of Victoria... you are the Feet Girl!
I head-mounted an action cam on Victoria, so you can get to see her Point Of View during the ordeal. I must confess you that this angle is incredible arousing to watch for some reason. It is almost as if you can see 'your own' legs stuck in the wooden stocks while a fire is burning your feet. To make things even more interesting, I put a large mirror in front of Victoria, so she -and you- could watch as her soles burned.

The video starts as usual, with Victoria taking off her sport shoes and socks herself, and showing how Victoria is restrained. Then, for the next 25 minutes, it is a fire bending video with Victoria. This fire burning session is already worth it on its own. Victoria's gorgeous feet and soles suffer the constant lick of the fire. This video can be contrasted with most other Victoria's videos: she usually is a stubborn girl, that prefers to be quiet despite the torment, reluctant to express pain; but Fire bending torture is too much for her or anyone, and takes her to her limits, as she screams and yells during almost the entire video, unable to keep her composure as she usually prefers. In honor to Victoria, I must say that she lasted in this torture more that most of all other girls who have undergone this torment (with exception of Joanna, who lasted a bit more). This first part combines angles from different cameras pointing at Victoria.

Then, from minute 30 onward, the session starts from the beginning again, but now completely seen uninterruptedly from Victoria's Point of View (POV). The shoot starts when she is already locked in the stocks, but it is shown when the fire is started. You can see as she desperately attempts to pull her feet from the stocks, to no avail. I must emphasize also that in this part of the video you will notice how she actually used the mirror to have a clear look at how her feet burned; you can realize she definitively oriented her gaze directly at the mirror several times; I suspect she secretly enjoyed watching her feet burn, despite the terrifying pain she had to endure to put this show.