Victoria Sadomasochist Training

Video length:
~60 minutes
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FullHD 1920x1080 @ 60fps
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45.00 USD
FTU presents our very first CRYPTO EXLUSIVE title! You won't find this video in our C4S store.. ever!

In this video, Victoria is lying down completely naked, her feet are locked in the wooden stocks, while her hands are secured from the wrists, so she is left totally vulnerable to whatever game I want to play with her.

Under her soles, our special spirit mix for warmlight torture is poured into cans that are located very close to Victoria's feet.

Victoria is given two choices: she either lets her feet be burnt by the fire, since this time the cans with the alcohol are too close to her soles; or, in exchange of me pulling apart a bit the cans from her feet, she will be penetrated with a vibrating dildo. She can make her mind at any moment during the session, whenever she wants, as long as she can take the fire under her soles for at least 45 minutes.

She is a very stubborn and proud girl, she has experienced warmlight torture before, and believes she can take it no matter how close the warm fire is from her soles, and as long as needed; but more importantly, she does not want to be penetrated by the dildo, so she accepts the challenge of attempting to let her feet be burnt in exchange of not being penetrated. After all, this would be the first time I ever fiddle with her intimate parts; in all years of knowing each other, I've only messed with her feet or whipped her back, even when she was totally naked, but making the jump to be toyed in there, is something she would like to avoid.

Needless to say, she was able to withstand fire directly under her heels only for a few minutes, before she yelled for the exchange. It's easy to think you can take certain amount of physical punishment while not actually undergoing it. Regretfully, she requested me to pull apart the fire from her feet, knowing exactly the price of such request.

I pull away just a bit the fire cans from Victoria's locked feet, as agreed, and then proceed to the main course: I penetrate Victoria with the dildo. I start very softly, just rubbing the cold lubricated toy over Victoria's lips; and then from one moment to another, push it fully inside! Her body makes a quick small twitch of surprise for now being totally owned, as well as let a small moan escape; one way or another, there is really nothing she can do to resist, her arms and hands tied, her legs locked spread, no way for her to avoid what is happening, so she just takes it and accept it; after all, she agreed to the game and lost fair straight.

Now that I have Victoria exactly where I wanted, it's time to start with her training... My whole objective with this session was to stimulate her while her feet are being burned, so she has no choice but to develop a masochist instinct, a masochist sense of delight. From time to time, I change the vibrating dildo strength and rhythm, without any warning, just to catch her off guard, as well as move around the cans with the fire under her soles, sometimes further apart, sometimes closer to her soles (the fire cans where only pulled a bit apart from her feet in exchange of penetration, but never put off or fully pulled away) so I can keep her focused on the whole experience she is undergoing.

You will never see this video on our C4S store, since C4S content policy does not allow penetration while both arms and legs are restrained. Therefore, it can only be acquired with crytpos here at our main front website.
Additional note: Due to the lighting conditions during that session's day, the warm light is barely visible during some moments, but it is always there. Pay close attention, and you will see it being lit on the cans.
Plot twist: this video was recorded before Victoria's all times best seller "Ultra Hard Naked bastinado work out". By judging her "performance" on such session (how her lips swelled during such extreme bastinado), I can claim that her experimental training was a complete success! =)