Stoic Taylor First Proper Foot Roasting

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43 minutes
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FullHD 1920x1080 @ 60 FPS
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Original Release Date:
10 Jul 2022
Date added:
30 Dec 2022

Super beauty Taylor is quickly becoming one of our fans favorites here in FTU. Maybe because her outstanding looks, or maybe because her beautiful, long and slender feet, with super high arches... but most likely it is because her sober, stoic attitude towards pain; her capacity of taking lots of punishment barely showing facial expressions of pain. If you like her because of that reason, then you're gonna love this video.

This is Taylor's first proper Foot Roasting session. Unlike in her previous attempt at foot roasting, this time I promised to not to touch her feet (that last time she called off the shot supposedly because she could not withstand me trying to tickle her while the roasting was going on, rather than by the heat burning).

This time Taylor takes the punishment in a super stoic fashion, in complete silence, entirely inexpressive. I've never seen a girl this pain hardened! But not only that, there was also a sense of hatred in her stare.

Right from the beginning, since the moment I was tying her ankles, you can see in her eyes a profound disgust. The way she looks at her feet being tied, carries a hint of hate. You can definitively see she is not enjoying the session not even a tiny bit!

When I ask her if she agrees and is ready to have her feet roasted [this part is muted in the video], she promptly nods with an awkward smile, as if she wanted it all to be over as soon as possible; a smile that last only an instant, and quickly turns into a face of disgust again.

One way or another, the punishment starts and there is nothing Taylor can do to escape from it. Her feet are tied together, so she can cover one feet with the other from the heat. At first, the electric grill aiming at her defenseless soles is not that close, but as time progresses I push it closer and closer to her barefeet. Unlike all other of our foot roasting sessions, on this occasion Taylor's feet start already greased, nevertheless, I still baste them with more cooking oil a couple more times, to further increase her (silent) agony. This video contains many feet close-up shots, and it is very exciting to see the excess of oil dripping from Taylor's heels while her feet are slowly cooking.

As heat begins to add up on her soles, she starts to move more aggressively her feet, trying to cover one with the other, but at the same time, fully stretching the one facing the grill, as if deep down she would be accepting the punishment, and was making sure her soles achieve an uniform roast, evenly distributing the heat over the entire surface of her soles.

But that's it, no other hint of agony from Taylor, other than slowly exhaling in (painful) resignation from time to time.

Her deep seriousness almost make it feel like if this was real; as if was not a fetish shot of some sort, but rather something else. Something very dark and twisted.