Phanie Traditional Falaka

Video length:
40 minutes
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FullHD 1920x1080 @ 60 FPS
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36.99 USD
Original Release Date:
5 Oct 2022
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Phanie receives a long and harsh foot whipping in a Traditional Falaka position!

The video starts depicting as Phanie is secured, with her hands restrained, and her feet tied from the ankles to a pole in a traditional falaka position. Her shoes and socks are removed and then the whipping begins. I only use the leather whip and the long thin flexible cane; I play a couple of bastinado games with her, such as making her count up to 100 lashes with the whip, and then 30 with the cane, or let her call of for a bastinado break, in exchange of tickling her feet (knowing how much she hates tickling!). One way or another, the whipping and caning are severe; right from the start, the bastinado began somewhat hard, and just kept increasing in intensity as the session progressed.

There at the peak of the fun I didn't see it, but once I was editing the video, I noticed that Phanie's soles actually got a reddish tone! I think it was mainly from the cane, because the redness is more visible at the external edges of her soles, which is where the cane sometimes hits with the most severity.

Phanie always tries to keep a joyful attitude, so in this video you will indeed see her suffering, but always with a smile, laughing at times, even though for some instants you can definitively see that her smile vanishes and her face upsets due to the hard bastinado.

First few minutes show as Phanie is restrained, the rest is continuous bastinado with few very brief pauses of foot tickling in between. Most of the video is shown continuous, almost no repeated takes. It was a very long session indeed.


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