Strip Foot Roasting

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43 minutes
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FullHD 1920x1080 @ 60fps
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Anais told me she wanted to make another video, but she'd not do bastinado, because she found it too harsh, and she was still afraid of doing fire play videos. I told her she could not do more foot roasting videos, because she had already made three of them, but she insisted me to give her a chance to do another foot roasting video, since she was in need for some cash.

I told her the only way we could do another feet roasting video, was if it were to be the most extreme to date, with the electric grills closer to her soles than ever before; too close that she would probably not be able to take it, or that she would end up really hurt. She was hesitant, and so was I, because I did not want to hurt her permanently. But then, I had and idea...

I proposed her the following deal: the grills would start at a very close distance to her soles, and if she was able to take it for more than 30 minutes, that would be good enough for me; however, if during the session she'd feel the heat too intense, and wanted to back off, I would give her a break for a few minutes, but she would have to relinquish a piece of clothing! Once the time off expired, I would push the grills closer to her feet again, and if she wanted another break, she would have to relinquish another piece of her clothing, and so on, until she ended up totally naked or completed the 30 minutes. She agreed to the bet!

For many years, Anais refused my requests for her to perform nude, so this was my chance to finally strip her! On the other hand, she was confident that she could take the grills closer to her feet than ever before, maybe give up one piece of clothing at most, but without having to end up completely naked.

So we let the game begin!

The first three minutes show the setup of the scene (Anais is secured in the stocks, her socks removed, etc.) She starts wearing a buttoned shirt, and her underwear (bras and panties), so she has three breaks total before ending up completely naked.

The grills start ultra close to the soles of her beautiful, long, slender, feet. At first, she shows a very serious demeanor, very focused on being able to take the whole punishment without having to undress. But the grills are simply too close, and despite her best efforts to avoid the heat from accumulating on her soles, such as desperately moving her feet in circles, it didn't take too long before she decides to give up her shirt. So I unbutton her shirt, leaving her bra and panties exposed. I also move the grills one inch apart from her soles. She is in underwear now.

The first time off period is up, and I push the grills closer to her soles, once again to an unbearable distance from her feet. It only takes a few seconds for Anais to give up another one of her garments. I asked what she wants to be removed, bra or panties; she chooses her bras. I took a scissors and cut her bras, revealing her naked breasts. Now she is almost fully naked, but at least she earned another break with the grills a bit further from the soles of her feet. I can notice that Anais is feeling a bit ashamed for being getting naked, but shame is easier to tolerate than having your feet burnt...

I also baste her soles with cooking oil, to further increase her agony.

The second time off is almost over, and she begs me with her gaze not push the grills back super close to her soles again... but a deal is a deal. She can only helplessly watch and feel as the skin of her soles is fried. She cannot help but to give up her last piece of clothing, her panties.

Panties removed...

The pain is still too much; she has no mental energy left to feel ashamed for being completely naked.

She has no breaks left, but there are still the last few minutes to go... and then I saw her beg like never before.

She screams and cries in agony...

Then, the ordeal is finally over, the grills put away from he soles, and then she is left there to recover her breath and mind, while I take some close up shots of her roasted, deeply red, soles

The heat felt through her whole body. good luck is ended up naked :)