Anais Classic Foot Burning

Video length:
40 minutes
Video quality:
FullHD 1920x1080 @ 60fps
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19.79 USD

made by custom request

For many years, Anais refused to have her feet tortured with fire. She was too comfortable doing foot roasting videos. But when I told her that I would not be doing anymore foot roasting videos with her, and since she didn't want to do more bastinado videos either, she had no choice but to surrender her feet to the flames.

Since she was so scared of fire, I had to start easy on her, and decided to do a Classic Foot Burning video (such has the ones I've done before with Lilly, Penny,  and Leah), which is the easiest of our fire feet torture videos to do.

She was still pretty scared of the whole thing, but she managed to took it bravely. The video starts with Anais still untied, and during the first five minutes it is shown as her hands are secured, her ankles tied together and her shoes removed. The rest of the video consists of Anais dangling her feet very close to the bonfire.

Just a few minutes after the fire is lighted, I ask her how is she feeling, if it is hotter than with the electric grills; she says it is. She is punished in this fashion almost non-stop, with only a single pause (off-screen) amidst the session, because I had to refill the spirit.

If you pay attention to the video, you will notice that most of the time Anais surrenders her feet to the fire, letting them be really close to the fire; I suspect she actually enjoys imagining being tormented like this; fortunately for her, in this setup, she still has the choice to retract her feet whenever the heat becomes to too much.