Marinette in Foot Torture Predicament

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37 minutes
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4K 3840x2160 @ 60fps
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Super heroine Marinette finds herself in foot torment trouble!

The video opens with a scene showing Marinette sitting over a tall table, still untied, and barefooted, with an electric grill right under her naked soles. She stares at her feet, knowing what is about to happen. Then the camera angle switches to focus on her feet, showing as her ankles are chained and then her wrists, as she gets tied with a rope tied from the ceiling. Once she is fully restrained the grill is turned on and the ordeal begins.

As the very proud and stubborn girl she is, she tries to hide her discomfort by being quiet most of the session, only slightly complaining from time to time. Nevertheless, the torment is very real, so much that -and as the strong girl she also is- she manages to broke the chain holding her feet not once, but twice! I could not believe how strong Marinette is (Victoria really did broke the small bdsm chain). After the second chain she broke I decided enough is enough, and tied her again but using a rope, so she doesn't get away again.

After that, I make deal with her, that if she manages to broke the bondage again, she can go free, and it is very exciting to see her fighting hard, pulling her feet and legs, and overthinking, trying to find a way to release herself!