Laura: The Lost Cuts

To celebrate our first anniversary we decided to publish a collection of never before seen cuts with out very first model. Laura has been a fan favorite since the beginning, a now you can discover the last our footage with her.

1. Laura self-shoe removal. This is a very very short cut, just a few seconds long, where it all begun. Laura, knowingly her feet are about to be roasted, removes herself her shoes, very bravely. (less than 1 minute)

2. Ticklish tryout. Before it was completely decided to roast Laura’s feet, we decided to give her chance to just tickle torture her. After fifteen minutes of tickling attempt, the most I could pull out of her was mere giggles. When she proved not really ticklish, is when we decided to roast her feet instead! (15 minutes)

3. Last two minutes of frontview camera of the bareback whipping video. This a precious recovered footage of the Back whipping video with Laura. It’s only the last two minutes of the front angle. It’s so precious, because you can get to see her tear drops after 20 minutes of constant back whipping. Unfortunately her face it’s not completely visible, but you can definitely see her tears riding down her cheeks. (2 minutes)


Clip Details:
Length: 18 minutes
Format: MP4 (compatible with all media players)
Resolution: High Definition (1280×720)
File size: 523 MB

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Credit Card Instant Download (through clips4sale). Cost: $12.99 USD


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