Bitcoin Promo Over

We wish to inform all our audience and fans that the promotion to acquire our clips at huge discounts through payout with Bitcoin and Digital Cash is over for the being, due to the high instability of the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies prices.

We might consider offer the same discount somewhere in the future amidst next year, if digital coins prices stabilize. But even so, we will apply further discounts only to videos previously sold only through clips4sale. For all clips that have been on discount during this year, the promotion is effectively over, and can now be acquired only through our clips4sale store at regular prices.

We congratulate everyone who took advantage of this huge deal, and offer our thanks for being part our dream of a future world with a more open, yet anonymous, and efficient economy and financial system.

Stay tuned for future productions and buy all our clips ever produced as usually at our clips4sale store~

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