Quiet Girl Foot Roasting

Samantha is a sadomasochistic girl who contacted me and asked me to roast her feet. She wanted to live the fantasy of being kidnapped and tortured for information. She requested me to roast her feet for 20 minutes straight, no matter what. I decided to help her with her little fantasy. She simply just sat there and then quietly took the roasting in the soles of her petit feet. Somehow in her mind she really wanted to suffer and take the torture for real that she did not even tried to cover one feet with the other like every other girl. She bravely kept her soles stretched and completely exposed to the heat of the electric grill for the entire session. She barely complaint or said anything other than slight gestures of pain that draw in her face from time to time. Needless to say that the soles of her feet ended up really red from the heat.


Clip Details:
Length: 21 minutes
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Resolution: High Definition (1280×720)
File size: 528 MB

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