Foot Roasting in the Stocks

Model-grade beauty Victoria is a complete newcomer to BDSM and foot torture. She very young (21 y.o.) and has incredible gorgeous feet, with niche arches, soft soles, white pearl skin. Much for her disgrace she will also premier our brand NEW MEDIEVAL FEET STOCKS. She is fixed in the stocks, sport shoes and socks removed. Not one but TWO identical electric grills are put in front of her soles, one for each foot. In our new stocks it is impossible to get away from torture, the feet are to distanced from each other, so there is no covering each foot with the other. Her feet are roasted for over 8 minutes, oiled, roasted other 2 minutes; she is then given a break, allowed to clean the oil of her foot (off-camera) then roasted again for another 10 minutes. A total of 20 minutes roasting, split in two parts. I had to make this concession for Victoria, who is a very delicate girl, unlike any of other girl I’ve met, totally oblivious to pain games.

Victoria remains very quiet during the torture, if you like girls who take their punish quietly, she’s your girl! She moans rarely. She moves her feet a lot, trying to escape the heat, but there is really no where to run, her feet totally secured in the stock, not a single inch to retreat! She moves her feet very graciously when the heat begins to add up on her soles.

This video has it all: great model, medieval stocks, elegant feet torture. A must have for your collection. This clip is also special to another level: Victoria took and active part in its development, choosing her clothing, painting her nails to go according to her clothing, and even selecting certain angles to shoot the video. All this despite she was incredible freaked out about the whole concept of foot roasting. No, seriously, the first couple minutes of the video are mute, because I was still trying to chill her out. And not without a reason! Her feet were about being roasted! while secured in foot stocks! while blindfolded!


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Length: 27 minutes
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