Foot Roasting in the Stocks

Model-grade beauty Victoria is a complete newcomer to BDSM and foot torture. She very young (21 y.o.) and has incredible gorgeous feet, with niche arches, soft soles, white pearl skin. Much for her disgrace she will also premier… Read More

Quiet Girl Foot Roasting

Samantha is a sadomasochistic girl who contacted me and asked me to roast her feet. She wanted to live the fantasy of being kidnapped and tortured for information. She requested me to roast her feet for 20 minutes… Read More

Penny’s Very Long First Foot Roasting

Meet MILF Penny. Penny is in her late 30’s, but she still has hot rocking body and a pair of huge (size 9 US) beautiful feet. It’s hard to tell how hot she is the way she is… Read More

Laura’s First Foot Roasting

Beautiful young brunette Laura decided to try foot roasting. In this very long foot roasting session you get to see Laura submit her small feet to the heat of the electric grill for nearly forty minutes! Laura was… Read More