Penny’s Foot Burning

It’s the turn of Penny to experiment the burning heat of an open fire. The clip starts with Penny tied, but still wearing her running shoes. She’s given the chance to feel the heat with shoes still on, so she can practice to move her feet around. Then her shoes and removed and the real fun begins. Penny is very unlike Lily -who is extremely sensitive- and can take way more pain. Unlike Lily, who always tried to keep her feet away from the fire, Penny surrenders her feet to the flames. She is a very tough girl. Nevertheless, the heat from the flames is very intense, and she experiments it all over her body, and sweats profoundly during the entire torture.


Clip Details:
Length: 33 minutes
Format: MP4 (compatible with all media players)
Resolution: Full High Definition (1920×1080)
File size: 1162 MB

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