Lily’s Feet Burning

Feet Torture Universe proudly presents a new kind of foot torture video. Lily’s soles will be roasted over an open fire. The video opens with a scene examining the setting for the torture as Lily arrives to the room. She then proceeds to sit and roll up her own jeans: she knows there is going to be real fire, but only her feet are meant to be burnt, not her clothes XD. Her hands are tied behind her back and her feet are tied from the ankles, swinging directly over a plate that will hold lighter fuel.

The first take starts: Lily looks in anguish as the recipient gets filled and then finally fired up! The flames begin to lick her soles. She can barely take it for only two minutes. Then the plate is pulled away from her feet, she’s given a little break, but then again the fire is pushed closer to her feet again. She takes it for another couple minutes until the fire extinguishes…

The second trial begins… This time the plate is filled with alcohol, which is just a bit warmer than the lighter fuel. The fire starts, she swings her feet back and forward, up and down, slowly, and let them rest exactly over the fire, she allows her feet to burn a little, until again she can not longer take it.

There is even a third take… Get this clip to admire a form of foot torture rarely seen on the internet. You won’t find many clips like this. Even though Lily’s feet are not completely restrained, the position is very harsh to maintain, and the flames are just to big, so the heat one way or another always reach her soft soles. This video will only be sold full version, no parts available. An instant classic.


Clip Details:
Length: 25 minutes
Format: MP4 (compatible with all media players)
Resolution: Full High Definition (1920×1080)
File size: 922 MB

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