Penny Intense Back Whipping

Penny’s back for more torturous adventures. She agreed to do a back whipping video. In this video, Penny’s torture is double, for one, she has to endure the leather whip kissing on her soft back skin, but also and not less, she has to stand the entire 20 minutes session in high heels. Every hit on her back sends a chill through her whole body, and it becomes harder and harder stay on foot on the hot and sexy high heels. This session is real torture. Penny’s white skin on her back ended badly bruised. Enjoy. 22 minutes of pure, constant back whipping with leather multitail whip.


Clip Details:
Length: 22 minutes
Format: MP4 (compatible with all media players)
Resolution: Full High Definition (1920×1080)
File size: 722 MB

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