Lily Slavery Back Whipping

Lily was in desperate need for money, so she decided it was time to sell herself as a full time slave. She’s taken to the private chambers of her new master, to endure her very first ordeal: back whipping, for no other reason that entertainment. After the first few slashes from the leather whip, you can see in her face the expression of regret of taking the decision of selling herself, but it’s too late now. After some minutes of constant back whipping she begins to sob quietly and her eyes begin to tear. Sometimes she tries to escape from the whip, but when the whip begins to hit her breast and sides, she decidedly prefers to align her back and receive the full impact of the whip in her back. As the times goes on the whipping increasingly becomes unbearable, and she begins to rise her legs in mere reflex, as if somehow she could cover her back with her legs, but it’s all useless.


Clip Details:
Length: 23 minutes
Format: MP4 (compatible with all media players)
Resolution: High Definition (1280×720)
File size:1082 MB

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