Laura’s Experimental Back Whipping

I’ve done plenty of bastinado and other foot tortures in the past, but until now I’ve never performed a back whipping. Laura accepted to be a test subject for my first back whipping video. For me, this session was largely experimental. At first I didn’t know how hard to hit her back, or how fast and often. Yet, I consider this first session to be a success. I had to begun hitting her back very softly, but increasing the intensity of the whipping gradually, Laura is tied up with her arms extended, leaving her bare back exposed and defenseless. The first half of the video is soft back whipping, pretty much just a warm up. The second half the whipping is harder, and in the last few minutes of the video the lashes are very intense. Laura ends up weeping, unfortunately the camera facing her front couldn’t pick up her tears. Luckily, immediately after the session ended, she confessed she actually enjoyed it!


Clip Details:
Length: 22 minutes
Format: MP4 (compatible with all media players)
Resolution: Full High Definition (1920×1080)
File size: 785 MB

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