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We just made a huge update at our website, published new clips and added support to another cryptocurrency: DASH! 18 videos are now available to be purchased with Bitcoin and Dash right here, at our official website. Buy… Read More

Victoria’s Introduction to Bastinado

Victoria‘s training in foot punishments continues with this second session for her. She appears in this video very elegantly dressed, she is a really gorgeous girl. Her high heels are removed and the bastinado starts quickly without any… Read More

Foot Roasting in the Stocks

Model-grade beauty Victoria is a complete newcomer to BDSM and foot torture. She very young (21 y.o.) and has incredible gorgeous feet, with niche arches, soft soles, white pearl skin. Much for her disgrace she will also premier… Read More

Laura: The Lost Cuts

To celebrate our first anniversary we decided to publish a collection of never before seen cuts with out very first model. Laura has been a fan favorite since the beginning, a now you can discover the last our… Read More

Penny’s Foot Burning

It’s the turn of Penny to experiment the burning heat of an open fire. The clip starts with Penny tied, but still wearing her running shoes. She’s given the chance to feel the heat with shoes still on,… Read More

Bastinado for Penny

Finally a rightful video of bastinado with Penny. This is a near 20 minutes video of pure bastinado with full sound and excellent video quality. Enjoy as Penny huge feet experience bastinado with all sort of instruments, including… Read More

Lily’s Feet Burning

Feet Torture Universe proudly presents a new kind of foot torture video. Lily’s soles will be roasted over an open fire. The video opens with a scene examining the setting for the torture as Lily arrives to the… Read More

Falaka Sensations

This clip is the continuation of Waxing Penny’s Clip. After Penny’s feet have been completely covered in wax, now it’s time to remove the wax, and there is nothing better for that than some good falaka with the… Read More

Waxing Penny’s Feet

Penny is lying down tied in a traditional position and dressed in sexy red dress. Hot wax is dripped all over the soles of her feet until they are completely covered by wax. Penny is a real trooper… Read More

Penny Intense Back Whipping

Penny’s back for more torturous adventures. She agreed to do a back whipping video. In this video, Penny’s torture is double, for one, she has to endure the leather whip kissing on her soft back skin, but also… Read More